On-Air Training

In Television Shopping it’s tough to grab the attention of a channel’s viewers and in seconds get them to buy what you’re presenting. It’s even harder to develop a top selling presentation.  That’s where we come in!


With $3-Billion in combined sales, over 40,000 hour of live television experience and 100’s of thousands of products sold, Akos has an unsurpassed knowledge of how you can market and present your product, in a focused way, to viewers of Shopping Channels all over the world. We know what to say and how to get you prepared to take your product to the next level!

We offer a variety of On-Air Training courses designed to increase your products on-air performance:

  • On Air Sales Presentation Training -A personalized training course customized to meet the unique needs of you and your product. You will work with Akos to develop your perfect presentation! On Air Brand and Product Management
  • On Air Brand Marketing and Management – Your product has a story and we’ll help you develop the perfect pitch. From positioning your product to how you present it on television, Akos and his team will work with you to make your products as appealing to your target market as possible!