1656236_721464931235612_4918650012519435044_nInventures International is a Direct Response, Marketing and Sales agency with concept to direct response and retail marketing capabilities. We’ve honed our craft through years of experience and apply our teams expert knowledge to everything that we do! We link brand strategy, creative and production to dynamic media buying and advanced analytics—achieving unbeatable success for our clients. 10462582_721465077902264_5634538683582424047_n

Our philosophy is that ALL clients, big or small have the same opportunity to bring the next great product to market. One of the reasons we love direct response television, is because we still see it as the great equalizer. This powerful advertising medium still makes it possible for the little guy with a small budget to launch a new product to the masses and not only compete, but BEAT the big guys. Great success is still attainable for the right products and we have the avenues to make that happen for you!

167432_4639549420664_927201903_nAkos and team have successfully hosted over 60 Long and Short Form Infomercials combined produced by various companies including Torstar-TMGTV, Kevin Harrington’s TV Goods Inc. and AsSeenOnTv.Com.

We specialize in internet marketing, product and brand representation, as well as television and internet video production. Inventures International is affiliated with some of the most talented people in the Industry when it comes to Live Television, Television Production and Electronic Retailing.