Evine to Debut “Inventor Showdown” in Search of America’s Next Top Entrepreneur

MINNEAPOLIS, February 27, 2017 — Evine Live Inc. (“Evine”) (NASDAQ:EVLV), a multiplatform interactive digital commerce company (evine.com), today announced the premiere of “Inventor Showdown,” a reality selling show featuring top inventors from across the country who will compete for the prize of “top inventor.” Competing head-to-head in a bracket-style show format, inventors discovered by Akos “The Solutionist” Jankura, a world-acclaimed inventor known for his problem-solution products, will vie for viewers’ votes during a five-week series starting Sunday, March 4.

“’Inventor Showdown’ is a reality show like no other where we put the fate of these inventors in the hands of our customers,” said Bob Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer at Evine. “We know our viewers are looking for new and unique products that have a compelling story behind them. ‘Inventor Showdown’ is the perfect format for our customers to discover new product while using their voting power to help a budding inventor get their big break.”

Throughout the five-week series on Evine, “Inventor Showdown” will feature four new contestants per episode with one winner from each moving on to participate in the finale show. The inventors, who were hand-picked by Akos Jankura, will have the opportunity to showcase their products and share with viewers their personal stories behind the items. Fans can vote for their favorite by purchasing their products while the show is airing, online or on their mobile devices. The four qualifying rounds will air Sunday mornings starting March 4 at 8:00am ET with the finale on Sunday, April 8, where one winner will be crowned. The winner of “Inventor Showdown” will be invited back to Evine and receive future programming to sell their items.

“I have had the privilege to work with some amazing inventors throughout my career, but I am particularly thrilled with the lineup of individuals we have assembled for this series,” said Akos Jankura. “They each bring something unique and innovative to Evine, and I am excited to see them compete live on a television stage. ‘Inventor Showdown’ will showcase hard-to-find items with problem-solving and easy-to-use features. I can’t wait to see who emerges as the victor!”

Viewers are invited to watch the premiere of “Inventor Showdown” on Sunday, March 4 at 8:00am ET via cable and satellite, mobile apps and live streaming online at www.evine.com. Evine airs on DIRECTV channels 73 and 316, DISH Network channel 134, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, select Samsung Smart TVs, YouTube and on the nation’s top cable providers. Find Evine in your area: bit.ly/1CNa450.

For more information on getting your product or idea on Inventor Showdown make sure to submit you invention at My Cool Inventions website – www.MyCoolInventions.com

About Evine
Evine Live Inc. (NASDAQ:EVLV) operates Evine, a multiplatform interactive digital commerce company that offers a mix of proprietary, exclusive and name brands directly to consumers in an engaging and informative shopping experience via television, online and mobile. Evine reaches more than 87 million cable and satellite television homes with entertaining content in a comprehensive digital shopping experience 24 hours a day.

About Inventor Showdown

Inventor Showdown is based off Evine’s brand partner, Akos Jankura, a world-class inventor and problem-solver who is known for his incredible talent within the video commerce space. The show was specifically designed to bring opportunity to up-and-coming entrepreneurs as well as make it an entertaining experience for shoppers as they vote for some of their favorite products and inventions. Inventor Showdown is the first of its kind within the interactive and digital commerce shopping industry.

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Do You Have What It Takes? Inventors Showdown on EVINE

Television Shopping Channel EVINE in partnership with My Cool Inventions and host Akos Jankura have created a new television show platform called “Inventor Showdown”. The show puts inventors up against one another in a fast paced and exciting format that rates each inventor and product owner based on their sales to the channel’s audience.
Inventors and Product owners can submit their invention to My Cool Inventions website – www.MyCoolInventions.Com

Akos Joins Shopping Channel EVINE at the Minnesota Fair

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evine Live Inc. a multiplatform video commerce company, today announced that for the first time in the Company’s history, it will broadcast live from the Minnesota State Fair, North America’s largest 12-day event which attracts nearly two million visitors annually. Appearing on the opening day of the fair, August 24th, the live broadcast will feature celebrity guests Paula Deen, John O’Hurley (J. Peterman from Seinfeld), as well as Akos ‘The Solutionist’ Jankura, one of the world’s top inventors and problem-solving experts. In addition to the live shows, the event will provide an interactive Evine experience for the hundreds of thousands of fans attending the fair on that day.

‘Simply put, the Minnesota State Fair is one of the biggest ‘ and best ‘ fairs in the U.S. and we couldn’t be more excited to be the first retailer of our kind to broadcast live from such an event,’ said Bob Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer at Evine. ‘The ‘Great Minnesota Get-Together’ is the perfect opportunity to bring the Evine experience to our Minnesota neighbors and have a chance to meet new friends of Evine as well.’

Beginning at 12:00pm ET, fair-goers can grab a seat and watch ‘Paula Deen’s Kitchen,’ a two-hour show that will broadcast live to Evine’s more than 87 million homes. The Queen of Southern Cuisine will demonstrate how to whip up fair-food with ease, and with less fat, using her air fryer and other signature kitchen items. In addition to having an opportunity to participate in the live audience, fans at the fair will get a chance to meet Paula Deen and get a photo or autograph at 3:00pm ET.

‘Being from the south, I’m no stranger to a good ol’ fair,’ said Paula Deen. ‘I’ve heard the Minnesota State Fair is truly in a league of its own and I am excited to be a part of one of the greatest get-togethers in the country. I can’t wait to try some classic fair foods, test my hand at carving a butter princess, cook up my favorite dishes, and get to meet all of the wonderful people at the Evine stage.’

Following Paula Deen, at 3:00pm ET, ‘Pet Shoppe with John O’Hurley’ will broadcast live and present pet care products and educational tips for pet parents. Like Paula, fans will get a chance to meet John O’Hurley beginning at 12:00pm ET. The final live broadcast hour of the day will feature Akos ‘The Solutionist’ with his unique and innovative items that solve even the most complex real-life problems. Viewers can tune in to catch him live at 5:00pm ET.

In addition to live shows, Evine will offer a variety of hands-on and engaging experiences, both at the fair as well as on Evine’s social channels. Fans are invited to watch a Facebook Live show featuring Paula Deen at 2:30pm ET and a YouTube Live show covering an Evine Found at the Fair product search at 6:00pm ET. Fair-goers will also have opportunities to win prizes, take fun photos and meet a handful of Evine’s on-air hosts.

Evine’s stage will be located at the Expo Place at the Minnesota State Fair, located north of Murphy Avenue between Cooper and Cosgrove streets, and east of the Pet Center.

Evine Partners with World Class Product Inventor Akos Jankura

The award-winning video commerce veteran – who has sold nearly 1 billion dollars’ worth of his own inventions – comes to Evine July 4 and 5 with the premiere of “Akos The Solutionist”

MINNEAPOLIS, June 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evine Live Inc. (“Evine”) (NASDAQ:EVLV), a multiplatform video commerce company (evine.com), today announced that it will premiere “Akos The Solutionist,” a practical and problem-solving product line from acclaimed scientist and inventor, Akos Jankura. One of the world’s top inventors and TV presenters, Jankura’s decades long career includes nearly $1 billion in sales, nominations for multiple industry awards and appearances in over 40 infomercials. Debuting July 4and 5, Jankura will appear live on Evine to present his collection of innovative products.

“Akos Jankura is a big name in the world of video commerce and I’m excited to leverage his incredible talent and expansive collection of ingenious products,” said Bob Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer of Evine. “Akos’ impressive career has been built on his ability to connect with customers and develop products that solve problems. Coming to Evine, Akos not only brings experience from other networks, but also a large following of fans that have come to know him for his radio show, “My Cool Inventions,” and his live streaming Inventions & Gadgets channel on Roku, AmazonFire, AndroidTV, YouTube and Facebook Live.”

“All of my products are designed with a real-life problem in mind and I’m looking forward to showing Evine’s customers just how easy it is to overcome everyday household tasks. As an inventor and entrepreneur, I’m passionate about offering a great value and creating products that are not only easy to use, but make even the most mundane tasks fun. I can’t wait to wow Evine’s viewers with the amazing demonstrations and the stories behind the collection of products I’ve assembled,” said Akos Jankura.

Jankura has degrees in science and chemistry and is one of the best-known inventors in the video commerce space. He has been nominated for several top industry awards and is the creator of many innovative brands and inventions. His inventions have been featured in top publications and television shows, including The New York Times and the “Wendy Williams Show.” In addition to being an inventor, Jankura owns Inventures International, Inc., a company that seeks out brilliant inventors throughout the world. Through his national syndicated radio show, “My Cool Inventions,” and his live streaming, 24 hour Inventions & Gadgets channel, Jankura gives inventors the chance to pitch their products and get immediate audience feedback.

“Akos the Solutionist” premieres July 4 at 6pm ET and July 5 at 3pm ET and 9pm ET. During the debut, Akos will demonstrate a variety of innovative and problem-solving products, including a UV Vacuum Cleaner, Fridge Deodorizer, and World Famous Survival Steel.

Viewers are invited to watch via cable and satellite, mobile apps and live streaming online at www.evine.com. Evine airs on DIRECTV channels 73 and 316, DISH Network channels 134 and 228, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, select Samsung Smart TVs, YouTubeand on the nation’s top cable providers. Find Evine in your area: bit.ly/1CNa450.

For more information on “Akos the Solutionist,” visit www.evine.com/Akos. For more information on Evine, visit www.evine.com.

About Evine
Evine Live Inc. (NASDAQ:EVLV) operates Evine, a multiplatform video commerce company that offers a mix of proprietary, exclusive and name brands directly to consumers in an engaging and informative shopping experience via television, online and mobile. Evine reaches more than 87 million cable and satellite television homes with entertaining content in a comprehensive digital shopping experience 24 hours a day.

About Akos Jankura 
Akos earned degrees in Science and Chemistry at University of Toronto, and applies his scientific background to many of the bestselling products he’s invented. He creates and thoroughly tests each new product, formula, and solution to ensure quality and effectiveness. Because he is involved in every step of development, Akos can explain why products work the way they do, and has gained the trust of millions of loyal customers by giving them solutions that work.

Inventures International Launches Inventions And Gadgets Channel

My Cool Inventions Launches Inventions And Gadgets Channel

New streaming channel to feature cool new inventions and gadgets from America’s inventors with three great shows: My Cool Inventions, My Cool Gadgets and The Daily Gadget, and America’s Value Network the TV Shopping Outlet.

Roku TV’s Inventions And Gadgets Channel
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Dec. 5, 2016 – PRLog — Inventures International and the My Cool Inventions Network announce the latest in their evolution to help American Inventors and Innovators. For the last 5 1/2 years the My Cool Inventions Network has been broadcasting it’s nationally syndicated radio show and this year streaming every episode live from it’s studios in St. Petersburg, Florida on Facebook Live. That move has made it the largest inventive platform and incubator in the industry. Based on finding solutions to everyday problems, the network is now expanded it’s sphere of influence with another bold move.

Introducing the Inventions and Gadget Channel! A channel dedicated to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of people that create solutions to everyday problems! The channel is featured on the largest of streaming platforms, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Facebook Live! Millions of American’s have cut the cable and are looking for new programming entities. Inventions and Gadgets celebrates innovation with a positive message of helping the Inventor Industry and Direct Response. Soft launched, just over a week ago, the channel is already gaining viewership for it My Cool Inventions, My Cool Gadgets and America’s Value Network Brands.

“It’s amazing how far we’ve come in over 5 years of broadcasting!’ said Akos Jankura, CEO, accomplished inventor and co-host of the My Cool Inventions show. “We have helped thousands of inventors and feature them and their inventions to our national audience every single day and we focus our audience on helping to lift these incredibly innovators! Our expertise in interactive shopping and willingness to connect with the inventors on a personal level is a special thing.”

My Cool Inventions is currently a main contributor of new inventors and inventions to HSN, the national home shopping network based in Tampa Bay, via their American Dreams innovation alliance. Inventors that have been featured on My Cool Inventions have made their way in front of the buyers that make the decisions to feature those inventions on their primetime Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman.

According to co-host John Cremeans, one of the first interactive television shopping hosts, “The industry and market has changed so much. Dedicated view on demand content is growing at a light speed. We’ve always been ahead of the curve and are ready for this next level of service to our viewers and listeners!”

The parent company to this enterprise is Inventures International, a supplier of direct response and products to shopping channels worldwide. With it’s network of on air retailers Inventures International is perfectly placed to help inventors and innovators with distribution and promotion of their ideas world wide. According to Jankura, ” Our entire company has at it’s core the entrepreneurial spirit. We’re always looking to find the next big trend and product. The team we’ve put together features some of the best in our industry. People that know how to take a product from beginning to end and all of the steps in between!”

The “Inventions and Gadgets” channel can be found on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, AndroidTV and Facebook Live. By adding the channel on a viewers streaming device they are immersed in a new world of innovation featuring new ideas and inventors pitching their inventions everyday. Starting Saturday, December 10th, 2016 the network will beginning airing live block programming from 9AM until 1PM and continuing every Saturday.

Find more information on My Cool Inventions at http://www.mycoolinventionsradio.com and http://www.facebook.com/mycoolinventions

Akos Wins The ERA Moxie for Best Guest Expert

Akos Wins the 2015 ERA Moxie For Best Guest Expert
The Inventures International Team traveled to Las Vegas this past week to attend the Electronic Retailing Association’s D2C Convention! Akos was chosen as the Moxie’s Best Guest Expert for 2015! Over the last 4 years of this prestigious award 3 years has had members of our team, Akos and John, being chosen. Pretty amazing!

My Cool Inventions Teams Up With HSN

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As part of its new “American Dreams” initiative, direct-to-consumer live content retailer, HSN, has partnered with five prominent entrepreneurs who will fan out across the country via television, radio and online platforms, conferences and trade shows to find compelling new products to launch while raising awareness for the entrepreneurs behind them. Current partners and their avenues for discovering new product ideas include:

  • Daymond John through investing in entrepreneurs on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”
  • Akos Jankura through “My Cool Inventions” radio talent search
  • Marc Portney through investing in entrepreneurs on Science Channel’s popular series “All-American Makers”
  • Bob Circosta through HSN’s revamped “American Dreams Ideas Portal”, convention searches and seminars
  • Gregg Smith through Edison Nation, which operates the largest open innovation community and marketplaces in the world for independent inventors

“American Dreams” kicked off on HSN with the launch of its mini-series event on August 9, which featured inspiring stories of some of HSN’s most successful brand partners, including: Serious Skincare, Benefit Cosmetics, R.J. Graziano, Jay King, GIII, DeLonghi, Violife, Donatella Arpaia and Wakaya Perfection. The mini-series event will run every evening at 9 p.m. (ET) through August 12.

“There’s nothing more exciting than meeting entrepreneurs, hearing their ideas, feeling their passion and helping them make their dreams come true,” noted Bill Brand, president of HSN. “As the original electronic retailer we have always championed entrepreneurs and this new initiative will further solidify our position as a destination to discover remarkable products and brands.”

HSN’s “The Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman” will devote its first hour from 7- 8 p.m. (ET) to showcasing three or more entrepreneurs for the first time ever with their new product, alongside one of HSN’s existing partners who ‘discovered’ them. Bob Circosta, one of television’s first shopping hosts, kicked off the monthly series during last night’s show with three of the entrepreneurs he discovered. Host of “My Cool Inventions,” Akos Jankura, will appear on the next installment of the series on Monday, September 7, during The Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman, introducing his selection of entrepreneurs to HSN.

In addition, the direct-to-consumer live content retailer has created a landing page and portal for the American Dreams initiative where the public can submit and share ideas for products and other initiatives. HSN’s team of merchants alongside the “American Dreams” team of seasoned entrepreneurs will vet these submissions to identify passionate inventors with compelling products to launch.

For more information and to shop the exclusive inventor’s products, visit www.hsn.com search American Dreams.

About HSN:

HSN is a leading direct-to-consumer live content retailer, offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry experts to provide an entirely unique shopping experience. At HSN, customers find exceptional selections in Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Home/Lifestyle, Fashion/Accessories, and Electronics. HSN broadcasts live to 95 million households in the US in HD 24/7 and its website – HSN.com features more than 50,000 product videos. Mobile applications include HSN apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. HSN, founded 38 years ago as the first shopping network, is an operating segment of HSN, Inc.

Akos Featured in The New York Times

From the February 16th, 2015 Edition of The New York Times, in an article titled, ‘Listening to Bad Pitches and Asking One Question Too Many‘:

I’m in the inventions business, hosting a radio show called “My Cool Inventions,” and I’m a frequent guest on HSN and QVC International showcasing inventions. I work in the product development end of things, too. All of these ventures involve a lot of travel, about 150,000 to 200,000 miles a year.

I’ve been traveling for work since about 1995. I really don’t enjoy flying, and I guess it is fair to say I’m a little nervous about flying even after all these years. My colleagues make fun of me, and I’m O.K. with that.

To keep myself occupied, I do a lot of work on the plane, generally on spreadsheets, pricing or client presentations. When I get tired of that, I read or, most often, I just fall asleep after having some wine. I do enjoy the sleeping part since I forget that I’m nervous.

I hate to complain about flying since it’s just what a lot of us have to do for our jobs. Plus, it’s not fair to complain about travel. I really enjoy what I do for a living. People all have ideas in their heads and, in a sense, we’re all inventors. It’s cool that I get to help some people make their ideas into something tangible and then get it to market.

Some ideas truly never will see the light of day, though. Let me be clear, I answer all of my emails, eventually. I know how hard it is when people have an idea and no one listens to them. I can relate, and try to be helpful, but sometimes you have to save people from themselves.

I actually had an inventor spot me in the Tampa airport. He was waiting for a flight and came over to where I was sitting, waiting for my flight to Newark. The inventor risked missing his own flight by not sitting near his gate, but he was very passionate about his product.

I was extremely patient and listened carefully as I was pitched a “sauna bag.” The idea was that the bag increased your body temperature, which in turn cured cancer. He lost me at the bag part since I couldn’t see people lounging around in something that looked like a trash bag, but he really lost me at his miracle claim.

I explained that making claims like “curing cancer” needed to be substantiated and he was treading on very dangerous ground. He stormed off after I didn’t bite, telling me I was just like his lawyer.

I travel quite a bit overseas and I try to be culturally sensitive. I like seeing and experiencing new cultures and like to try some new things.

A few years ago I attended the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, China. My goal was to arrange manufacturing deals for a few of our inventors, and I went out to many dinners as part of the process. I usually rely on my longtime and trusted assistant who is fluent in Cantonese to help me navigate things, especially food.

Unfortunately, during this trip, she couldn’t make it, so my factory agent tried to help me order. Not wanting to take a risk, I ordered something I recognized, which was sweet and sour soup. It tasted O.K., except for what I guessed were the tofu pieces, which were too brown.

I asked the factory rep what those tofulike brown pieces were. The answer was the curdled blood of pigs. The moral of the story is to be careful about what you ask someone. Sometimes you’re better off not knowing.

Link to the original story – Read It Here

My Cool Inventions Featured on Fox Business With Dr. Woody

Any conversation about American inventors typically congers images of the likes of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford. This country was founded on great inventors and our tradition for encouraging innovation still makes us great. However, the process is tough and the odds of getting an invention to market are slim.

To learn more about the challenges modern inventors face I spoke with Akos Jankura, inventor, entrepreneur, and host of My Cool Inventions Radio. Jankura got his start as a chemist developing stain removers and laundry sheets. He eventually developed and patented his own specialized brand of laundry sheets that went on to sell millions. His passion for solving problems through invention led him to want to help other aspiring inventors. Jankura firmly believes “the best asset this country has is inventors.” However, the challenge these inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs face is a minefield of unregulated rip-off artists and scammers looking to take advantage of them. Jankura has seen far too many scammers prey on those budding inventors who have just given birth to their invention and are blinded by the prospect of getting their invention out into the world.

To help new inventors navigate the murky waters of bringing a new invention to market he launched My Cool Inventions Radio. The show is somewhat of a cross between Shark Tank and American Idol where inventors come on free of any charge and present their products to a national audience where listeners will vote on the viability of the product and provide real feedback to the inventor. When it comes to avoiding common pitfalls, Jankura advises new inventors to consider the following:

Stop and Learn: Just as in any business endeavor, you must educate yourself. “I wouldn’t tell someone to jump into a pool if they didn’t know how to swim,” says Jankura. The reality is lack of knowledge can put a new inventor at a tremendous disadvantage because it makes them vulnerable to scammers. Due diligence is important. Be sure to check out trade associations, industry publications, and online resources before making the plunge.

According to Jankura organizations such as the Electronic Retailing Association, RESPONSE Expo, and USPTO seminars are great places to get information about the process of getting an invention to market.

Connect with the Right People: Jankura likens the inventing process to mountain climbing. “If you are going to climb Mount Everest you will need a guide” says Jankura. You will need an advisor with experience, someone who will help you avoid the traps of scammers. However, you must be deliberate in who you connect with. There are scammers out there who will claim they can get you access to key players or will claim their own affiliations and status will open doors. Jankura advises against paying for this type of access. Take your time and get to know the players before making any commitments.My

John Cremeans Wins Best Product Expert at 2014 ERA Moxie Awards

WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired – Sep 19, 2014) – Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) announces Moxie Award winners for the best direct response marketing campaigns of 2014. The Moxie Awards Gala is one of the must-attend events of the year for direct response marketers around the world. Professionals in the direct response industry gather at the Gala to recognize the year’s best campaigns in a variety of categories, such as television, radio, online, and mobile marketing.

“We commend the work of those who submitted their campaigns in each category for the 2014 Moxie Awards,” said Julie Coons, President and CEO of ERA. “It is an honor to recognize the winners for their achievements and we look forward to watching them and others in the industry continue to succeed.”

Guests attended the Moxie Awards Gala to enjoy dinner and live music before the awards ceremony on Thursday, September 18th, at Wynn Las Vegas. Winners include:

Best Long Form of the Year, Over $400K – Meaningful Beauty, Guthy-Renker
Best Long Form of the Year, Under $400K – ZUMBA Incredible Results, Dragonfly Productions
Best Short Form of the Year, Over $75K – Proactiv+, Guthy-Renker
Best Short Form of the Year, Under $75K – no!no! Wow Factor, Schulberg MediaWorks
Best Digital Marketing Campaign – Proactiv+ Adam Levine Pre Roll, Guthy Renker
Best DR Radio Campaign – CTCA: Karyn Marshall, Havas Edge
Best DR Website Design – Proactiv+, Guthy Renker
Best Financial Services Campaign – Premera Blue Cross – “Have You Heard”, Envision Response
Best Health Campaign – Medifast – Testimonials, R2C Group
Best International DRTV Campaign – MaxiClimber, Concepts TV
Best Long Form, Beauty – WEN, Guthy-Renker
Best Short Form, Beauty – Proactiv+, Guthy-Renker
Best Long Form, Brand Response – Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven, Brand New Media
Best Short Form, Brand Response – USO “Mike Martinez,” Havas Edge
Best Long Form, Housewares – Positec – WORX Air, R2C Group
Best Short Form, Housewares – Pressure Cooker, Tristar
Best Long Form, Variety – Positec – WORX Air, R2C Group
Best Short Form, Variety – Pocket Hose Ultra, TeleBrands
Best Short Form, Intellectual Property – Weider Ruthless, Icon Fitness Studios
Best Presenter – Brooke Burke for Sheer Cover, Guthy-Renker
Best Product Expert – John Cremeans for Oasis Sphere, TMGTV
Best Sports Fitness Campaign – ZUMBA! Incredible Results, Dragonfly Productions
Best U.S. Hispanic Campaign – Meaningful Beauty, Guthy-Renker
Best Short Form, People’s Choice – Ronco Pocket Fisherman, Bluewater Media
Best Long Form, People’s Choice – Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro, Bluewater Media
To learn more about the Moxie Awards Gala, please visit http://www.retailing.org/d2c/content/moxie-awards-gala.

About the Electronic Retailing Association
The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) serves as the exclusive trade association representing the $350 billion direct-to-consumer marketplace. ERA membership spans the globe to encompass all levels of direct marketers, from start-up companies to global leaders that employ the power of direct response to market across all platforms including television, digital media and radio to achieve a consumer-direct, measurable and accountable response. In addition to helping grow its members’ business opportunities and profitability as a major resource for networking, business tools and information, ERA is also the voice of the direct-to-consumer industry in the nation’s Capital, working daily to protect the regulatory and legislative climate in an ongoing effort to ensure direct response marketers’ ability to bring quality products and services to the consumer. Through its acclaimed self-regulatory guidelines, ERA is also dedicated to building consumer trust in direct response-marketed products and services. ERA can be visited on the Internet at www(dot)retailing(dot)org.