Inventures International Launches Inventions And Gadgets Channel

My Cool Inventions Launches Inventions And Gadgets Channel

New streaming channel to feature cool new inventions and gadgets from America’s inventors with three great shows: My Cool Inventions, My Cool Gadgets and The Daily Gadget, and America’s Value Network the TV Shopping Outlet.

Roku TV’s Inventions And Gadgets Channel
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Dec. 5, 2016 – PRLog — Inventures International and the My Cool Inventions Network announce the latest in their evolution to help American Inventors and Innovators. For the last 5 1/2 years the My Cool Inventions Network has been broadcasting it’s nationally syndicated radio show and this year streaming every episode live from it’s studios in St. Petersburg, Florida on Facebook Live. That move has made it the largest inventive platform and incubator in the industry. Based on finding solutions to everyday problems, the network is now expanded it’s sphere of influence with another bold move.

Introducing the Inventions and Gadget Channel! A channel dedicated to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of people that create solutions to everyday problems! The channel is featured on the largest of streaming platforms, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Facebook Live! Millions of American’s have cut the cable and are looking for new programming entities. Inventions and Gadgets celebrates innovation with a positive message of helping the Inventor Industry and Direct Response. Soft launched, just over a week ago, the channel is already gaining viewership for it My Cool Inventions, My Cool Gadgets and America’s Value Network Brands.

“It’s amazing how far we’ve come in over 5 years of broadcasting!’ said Akos Jankura, CEO, accomplished inventor and co-host of the My Cool Inventions show. “We have helped thousands of inventors and feature them and their inventions to our national audience every single day and we focus our audience on helping to lift these incredibly innovators! Our expertise in interactive shopping and willingness to connect with the inventors on a personal level is a special thing.”

My Cool Inventions is currently a main contributor of new inventors and inventions to HSN, the national home shopping network based in Tampa Bay, via their American Dreams innovation alliance. Inventors that have been featured on My Cool Inventions have made their way in front of the buyers that make the decisions to feature those inventions on their primetime Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman.

According to co-host John Cremeans, one of the first interactive television shopping hosts, “The industry and market has changed so much. Dedicated view on demand content is growing at a light speed. We’ve always been ahead of the curve and are ready for this next level of service to our viewers and listeners!”

The parent company to this enterprise is Inventures International, a supplier of direct response and products to shopping channels worldwide. With it’s network of on air retailers Inventures International is perfectly placed to help inventors and innovators with distribution and promotion of their ideas world wide. According to Jankura, ” Our entire company has at it’s core the entrepreneurial spirit. We’re always looking to find the next big trend and product. The team we’ve put together features some of the best in our industry. People that know how to take a product from beginning to end and all of the steps in between!”

The “Inventions and Gadgets” channel can be found on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, AndroidTV and Facebook Live. By adding the channel on a viewers streaming device they are immersed in a new world of innovation featuring new ideas and inventors pitching their inventions everyday. Starting Saturday, December 10th, 2016 the network will beginning airing live block programming from 9AM until 1PM and continuing every Saturday.

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